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Why You Desperately Need an Umbrella Policy

The typical American spends between 45-50 years in the workforce; stashing away money in a 401(k) plan, paying off a mortgage, sending children to college, and paying for weddings. At age 65, the time has come to kick back and take it easy. And yet, most retirees – as well as those steadily working towards…

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Client Spotlight: CPR Wrap Competing for $100,000

Felicia Jackson’s brainchild – the CPR wrap – was born out of necessity more than anything else. When Felicia’s toddler son stopped breathing in the back seat of the car, she froze, even though she was certified in CPR. Thankfully, her husband acted quickly, and her son’s life was saved. But out of that near…

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Quietly, Chattanooga has Become a Foodie’s Paradise

Some of my longest-lasting, fondest memories are of a night enjoying good food and good company at one of Chattanooga’s many culinary delights. When I was a kid in the 80s and early 90s, the options, however, were limited. Our family’s staple choices rotated among Town and Country, The Country Place, and the Piccadilly. Succinctly,…

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Are You Overpaying to be Underinsured?

Technically, I’m a millennial, though I loathe the designation. I was born in 1983, so I barely made the cut for some demographers’ broad, sweeping designation of my generation. Yet, despite my “youth,” I can barely check my email account, and my use of emojis is not “lit,” as the kids say. Seriously. Until about…

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Why I’ll Never be a Captive Insurance Agent

You’ve seen the commercials with the huge celebrity endorsements. Peyton Manning’s jingle sessions with Brad Paisley on behalf of Nationwide; Green Bay Packers’ stars Aaron Rodgers and Clay Matthews profiling as neighbors for State Farm; famous actor J.K. Simmons portraying University of Farmers professor Nathaniel Burke; even Farm Bureau good-guy – your favorite trustworthy friend…

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