3 Reasons to Break-up with Your Captive Insurance Agent for an Independent One

By Keith Rocha | May 25, 2016 |

You should have an independent agent. Perhaps like most people you fell hook-line-and-sinker for your local State Farm agent’s sweet-talk. You couldn’t…


Business Owner Inspiration

By Keith Rocha | April 25, 2016 |

Let’s be honest.  Starting a business is hard.  Running a business is difficult.  Here is some inspiration others that have…


Three Reasons Employer Paid Life Insurance is Dangerous

By Keith Rocha | March 20, 2016 |

You should have an individually owned life insurance policy. Relying on an employer paid policy can be risky. Here’s why:…


Your Group Life Insurance May Be Taxed

By Keith Rocha | February 25, 2016 |

According to the IRS life insurance provided by an employer may be taxed. The following information is provided directly from…


EMV Fraud Liability Shift

By Keith Rocha | February 3, 2016 |

The fraud liability shift is already in affect.  You may have noticed over the last few months most of your…