Brandon Wooden Joins The American Insurance Group

Brandon joined the team in June 2019. Brandon currently maintains a hybrid role, working within both service and sales. Brandon is from Chickamauga, Georgia, graduating from Gordon Lee High School (2015) and the University of Georgia (2019). As a Dawg, Brandon earned a BBA in Finance from UGA’s Terry College of Business, graduating with high honors. Away from work, Brandon enjoys sports, being outdoors, and spending time in the gym.

What brought you to The American Insurance Group?

Jack introduced me to Scott and Keith while I was in town earlier this year. We met for lunch and had a casual conversation getting to know each other. During the lunch, it was mentioned that I would be a good fit for a role at the agency. After a few more meetings and lunches, and getting to know everyone here, I felt like I would enjoy working with everyone and I am excited to be a part of the team.

What insurance focuses will you have?

I’ll be servicing our existing personal and commercial accounts. I will also have a focus in building relationships with new folks. As an independent agency, we write home and auto insurance very well. Thus, I will focus on personal accounts for home, auto, and life insurance. I will also spend a significant amount of time helping businesses and businessowners manage their risks properly. Some specific industries I will be working within include investment properties, restaurants, and professional offices.

Who is your biggest hero?

My dad is my biggest hero. He has been the persona of the perfect father figure. He never missed a single sporting event of mine growing up; he instilled a work ethic in me that will carry me throughout my business career. More importantly, he taught me what being a dad is all about. From the way he treats my mom to the way he spends time with me and Justin (my brother) — whether it be fishing or fixing something around the house — he never falls short of the standard. Also, I’m convinced that there is nothing he does not know how to fix/replace if it breaks. On top of that, he is one of the funniest people in the world.

Top 3 Restaurants in the area (no particular order)?

Choo-Choo Bar-B-Que: my go-to in North Georgia!

Urban Stack: best hamburger in town … especially if you like a fried egg on your burger!

Mr. T’s Pizza & Ice Cream: they have perfected the pepperoni pizza.

Which character from The Office do you like the most?

Easy question right here. Dwight – hands down. It is impossible to watch a single episode and not laugh at Dwight’s misfortune. His overreaction to everything that happens, mixed with the nonchalant attitude in the workplace, makes his character hysterically funny. Not to mention, he kept the show up after Michael left.