Client Spotlight: CPR Wrap Competing for $100,000

Felicia Jackson’s brainchild – the CPR wrap – was born out of necessity more than anything else. When Felicia’s toddler son stopped breathing in the back seat of the car, she froze, even though she was certified in CPR. Thankfully, her husband acted quickly, and her son’s life was saved. But out of that near travesty came a mission.

The CPR wrap was birthed out of that moment of panic. The wrap distills CPR into a few quick steps. Simply place the wrap on the victim’s chest and follow the quick, step-by-step instructions that are easy enough for a small child to use. No certification necessary; when someone stops breathing, the CPR wrap ensures proper care can be provided at a moment’s notice.

“Emergency situations cause panic,” said Ms. Jackson, who has over 20 years of experience in the medical field. “Those situations leave people unsure of how to help. I hope the CPR wrap empowers people to save lives.”

And the results have been tangible. Ms. Jackson’s company has exploded in growth, and she and her team recently landed contracts both with Wal-Mart and The next step is preparing for a May 10 competition in which the winner will receive $100,000 in seed money. The Rise of the Best seed fund tour comes to Chattanooga, and CPR Wrap is one of eight finalists picked from more than 60 entries.

AOL co-founder Steve Case, who heads the Rise of the Best organization, will be among the judges. The competition is designed to promote entrepreneurship outside of California’s investment-rich Silicon Valley, and includes stops in Memphis, Birmingham, Dallas, and Louisville. You can find out more about CPR Wrap here.



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