Investment Property

As we first mentioned in our post, “We Do It”, property can be an incredible investment tool. Just like any other investment, property needs to be protected. There are two cornerstone coverages needed: physical property and liability. The investment is in the structure; if a storm comes through, we want to rest easy knowing that we can rebuild if damage is done. While this threat of physical damage is always lurking, the more important risk is arguably in the liability piece. As a landlord, to renters or to businesses, you are potentially liable for occurrences that happen on your property.

Do you know your limits? Is your building insured properly? When is the last time you reviewed your coverages with a risk management advisor? As an agency, we have been working with property investors for years. From the individual who inherited a family home all the way to full-time property managers, we partner with property investors of all shapes and sizes. We have clients with one residential rental home, with a handful of multi-family dwellings, and with 30+ rental properties. We also have clients with several commercial buildings.

If you have [or someone you know has] investment properties, we would love to sit down with you. We would love to review your current coverages and look to present you with a comprehensive risk management strategy to best protect your assets. Contact us today.