New Requirements for Churches Engaged in Youth Sports

In the wake of several high-profile cases of sexual abuse and misconduct by adults in positions of authority, President Trump signed the Protecting Young Victims from Sexual Abuse and Safe Sport Authorization Act of 2017 into law last week.

The new law includes requirements for prevention training, prevention policies, as well as mandatory reporting. A few highlights include:

•Any adult authorized to interact with a minor athlete is now required to report any suspicionof abuse to law enforcement agencies.

•All amateur sports organizations (for example, an Upward basketball or soccer league) arenow required to provide “consistent training” to its volunteers regarding prevention andreporting of child abuse.

•Similarly, all amateur sports organizations are now required to establish written preventionpolicies that include procedures limiting solitary, one-on-one interactions between a minorathlete and an adult.

If your church operates any amateur sports leagues in which minors participate – be it Upward basketball, church softball, even a sports day camp, you are now subject to this new law. If you have questions regarding the new requirements, feel free to contact The American Insurance Group directly.



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