Personal Lines

When’s the last time you sat down and looked through your insurance to see what you are paying and what you are getting? It is a great practice to occasionally “audit” your personal insurance. Do you know what else is out there? Here at The American Insurance Group, we would love to walk through your coverage and costs with you. We would love to show you some other options that may be better-suited for your specific needs.

A review of your policies is this simple:

1. Submit paper copies, photos, or electronic files of your current insurance (declarations pages).

2. Submit info for each driver (for auto insurance purposes).

3. We will review your current policies first. It is important to know your specific coverages and exposures. It is baffling how many policies we find with large gaps in coverage or inaccurate ratings.

4. Once we have reviewed your policies, we will then begin quoting with our personal insurance carriers. We have multiple options, as we understand that each individual and family is unique, with unique possessions and needs. Insurance rates are based on many factors, some of the most important being:

a. Insurance score (similar to credit score)

b. Claims history

c. Age of drivers

d. House characteristics

5. We will then put together a comprehensive proposal to show you how our agency can serve you. We will present to you our best option to add value to your insurance. As we are not in the business of selling, but instead serving, we will tell you to stay where you are if you are well-covered and the costs are competitive.

Contrary to popular thinking, price and coverage are not the only two needs in insurance. Service is what binds these two together and ices the cake. We would love the mere opportunity to show you the service and care our agency can provide.

If you are reading this blog and you have a home, car, or you’re alive, we would love to serve you. We also have many other insurance products in our agency. Check out some of our other specific areas of expertise here.