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Young, Hungry, and Never Complacent

The average age of an insurance agent is 60. Sixty!

Full disclosure – I’m 23, and the oldest member of our agency is 34. I’m roughly 40% the age of the average agent, just a couple of years removed from my time at the University of Georgia. It still costs me seven gold doubloons to rent a car. I often spend time at my former high school mentoring students; often, I’m still mistaken for one. I can’t even grow a beard.

Yeah, Jack, we get it. You’re a young pup. So, what’s the point? Well, I’m glad you asked. At The American Insurance Group, we believe our youth works to our benefit. We don’t do things the way we’ve always done it, simply because that’s the way we’ve always done it. We don’t coast on our renewal revenue, not worrying if we lose a few accounts each year because of the fattened revenue stream.

Nope. We’re young, hungry, and never complacent. We’re doing our best to constantly improve to provide the ultimate client experience. So, why should you trust us with your insurance?

  1. Age is Just a Number

Jordan Spieth won The Masters at 21. Mark Zuckerburg was 19 when he launched Facebook. Youth is not a bad thing; if anything, it breathes fresh air into an older, stale industry. I fear some folks may not look to me for insurance help because I am young. He’s young – does he really know his stuff?

Succinctly, expertise does not come from knowing everything, but rather knowing what you don’t know. Sure, I don’t know every single endorsement form number or workers’ compensation class code, but I know where to find the answers, and am willing to search. I know what conversations to have. I have the resources I need to understand any situation, the hustle to be prompt and communicative, and the desire to serve others.

In fact, allow me to counterpoint the “experience” argument. Our agency recently reviewed a physician’s insurance, being serviced by an agent who is nearing retirement. This doctor’s account clearly had not been reviewed in years; low auto limits, no umbrella to speak of. Quite frankly, he was a serious auto accident away from personal financial ruin, all because his current agent had elected to rest on his renewal income.

  1. Youth isn’t Jaded

I don’t see my position as a “sales” role. We’re not in the insurance business; we’re in the people business. I’m not trying to sell you a $3,000 vacuum cleaner. Instead, I’m here to help you with your insurance, a necessity in life. My goal is to serve you (and your business), to work on your behalf to properly analyze and manage your risk. Each person is unique. Each family is unique. Every business is one-of-a-kind. I look forward to hearing the stories of people, families, and businesses, and tailoring insurance to fit their hopes and dreams.


  1. Our Team is Phenomenal

We are a locally-owned, independent agency in Chattanooga. Keith Rocha founded the agency four years ago. I’m convinced he could insure a dragon farm. Scott Simmons is the operations guru of the agency; he takes care of the fine-tuning that keeps our agency running smoothly. Brittany, Lindsay, and Savannah make an incredible service team. They are compassionate, prompt, and fun to work alongside. Together, our collective goal is to find the solution before the problem, while serving our clients well. In fact, here’s our agency promise, the maxims we live by each day:

  1. There’s never a wrong time to do the right thing.

  2. If we make a promise, we keep it.

  3. We solve the problem before it becomes a problem.

  4. Hard conversations are our first conversations.

  5. We don’t provide answers; we find solutions.

  6. My job description includes whatever it takes to get the job done.

  7. We’re happy to do the little things to make our clients’ day.

  8. We will never get new business unless we ask.

  9. Our clients will never love our business unless we do.

  10. We always celebrate our wins.

Now, don’t forget; I’m still not 60 years old. I am still Jack Smith, a young agent surrounded by a great team and endless resources. And, most importantly, I’m still eager to serve you. The American Insurance Group – insuring your future, protecting your dreams.


The American Insurance Group is a locally-owned, independent insurance agency in downtown Chattanooga. The Agency provides risk-management solutions for businesses and individuals. Jack Smith is a native Chattanooga, a graduate of the University of Georgia, and a Producer at The American Insurance Group. You may contact him at jack@insurancegroup.us or via telephone at (423) 362-4166.

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